YouTuber Josh Strife Hayes is on a quest to play the worst MMOs ever made


When you’ve ever puzzled what sort of individual has the fortitude and keenness for video games to play the world’s worst MMORPGs, properly, we discovered him.

There’s one thing particular about nice MMOs like Closing Fantasy 14: they’re the sorts of video games that may swallow you up in sprawling tales, months-long quests for the final word gear, and communities that encourage lifelong friendships. There’s additionally one thing particular about horrible MMORPGs. As a result of after they’re unhealthy, they’re actually unhealthy: the MMO style could be a cornucopia of lifeless sport design, hilarious glitches, and microtransaction bullshit. They’re additionally notoriously time-intensive to play, and in consequence many commercially unsuccessful MMOs stay tragically unexamined. Fortunately there’s somebody documenting this wealthy and diversified historical past, and his title is Josh Strife Hayes.

I discover a distinctive enjoyment in one thing being terrible.

Josh Strife Hayes

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