Wasteland 3 replace will make the swearing parrot extra sweary


Within the lead-up to Wasteland 3 growth The Battle of Steeltown, due on June 3, InXile Leisure is outlining its subsequent free replace, patch 1.4.0. A part of the main focus is an improve of the animal companion system, and which means Polly the swearing parrot will get a good fouler mouth. Beak? No matter.

Polly is getting a Demoralize potential to utilize these swears, and all of your animal companions will now have a kennel to return to. In case you dismiss them they’re going to head again to the kennel, making it simpler to recruit them once more. Kind limits are going away as nicely, which means that as a substitute of simply having one in every of every animal you possibly can have a number of goats, or cats, or chickens, with icons and well being bars noting which of your celebration members has which pet integrated of their character portraits.

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