Vermintide 2: Chaos Wastes seems like a Winds of Magic do-over


The quarrelsome Ubersreik 5 are off on a brand new bloodsoaked journey subsequent week, with the launch of Vermintide 2’s newest growth: Chaos Wastes. This journey right into a realm warped by darkish gods will not really feel fully unfamiliar should you’ve performed its predecessor, Winds of Magic, however that is additionally given developer Fatshark a chance to handle a few of the criticisms of the beastmen-themed growth. And crucially, this time it is fully free. 

Regardless of the absence of a price ticket, it nonetheless appears fairly substantial. Not like Winds of Magic, there isn’t any new faction, however there may be one other new sport mode, and inside that mode are the best treasures of all: new maps. Numerous them, too. As you make your pilgrimage to the Citadel of Eternity looking for divine energy, you may encounter 15 new areas, wealthy in Chaos and, when you’re via, corpses.  

All of those areas are particular to the ‘roguelite’ Chaos Wastes mode, although they do not look worlds aside from the locations you are most likely used to slaughtering rats in. There are caves and forests and ruins a loads, however the ominous lighting and indicators of Chaos guarantee they really feel distinct. And it’ll absolutely be a pleasant change of tempo for veterans to not know precisely what’s round every nook. It is most likely going to be extra rats, however you by no means know!

(Picture credit score: Fatshark)

Your goal in every of those areas is what it all the time is: kill a great deal of shit and get to the top, with occasional breaks to struggle more durable enemies or endure waves of them whilst you await a gate to open. More often than not, you may be doing stuff you have finished numerous occasions earlier than, however these issues are nonetheless a whole lot of enjoyable. The extra dramatic change comes as a substitute from the roguelike-inspired programs and the magic of the Chaos gods themselves. 

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