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One final problem stands in your means in Genshin Affect‘s Twisted Realm. This bout entails a well-known elite enemy that you simply’ve fought earlier than, the Abyss Herald: Depraved Torrents. Nevertheless, since that is a part of the Power Amplifier Initiation occasion, there are modifiers that would show to be just a little problematic. Right here’s our Genshin Affect information that can assist you with the Twisted Realm’s Area of Heresy enemies, in addition to a couple of ideas concerning the modifiers, rating, and crystals.

Notice: For extra details about the sport, take a look at our Genshin Affect guides and options hub. You may additionally test our model 1.5 overview, in addition to our principal information for the Power Amplifier Initiation occasion.


Genshin Affect information: The Twisted Realm’s Area of Heresy – The Abyss Herald, modifiers, crystals, and ideas

Ley Line Dysfunction: Attendants

The Abyss Herald: Depraved Torrents is identical elite that you simply encountered throughout Genshin Affect‘s “We Will Be Reunited” archon quest. The distinction this time round is the Ley Line Dysfunction that permits the boss to spawn attendants. Consider these hilichurls as related to people who you noticed within the Frost-Worn House area a few days in the past. Whereas they’re alive, they’ll present resistance buffs and periodic therapeutic to the Abyss Herald.

The boss tends to summon round 4 attendants each 30 seconds, so that you higher be able to take them out. As soon as its well being is right down to a sliver, it switches to its Darkish Descent section (i.e., water protect) and it gained’t spawn attendants anymore.

Genshin Impact Twisted Realm Domain Of Heresy Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents Energy Amplifier Modifier Crystals Guide 1

New modifiers for elevated issue and scores

Under, you’ll see the modifiers for the Twisted Realm’s Area of Heresy in Genshin Affect:

Class Modifier Rating/Impact
Principal Modifiers Problem: Straightforward/Regular/Arduous/Skilled Will increase your total rating by x1/x2/x3/x5
Time Restrict: 10 minutes/5 minutes/2 minutes 150/300/400
HP improve for opponents: 25%/100%/200% 150/300/400
Problem Standards +50% Cryo resistance (enemy) 25
+50% Bodily resistance (enemy) 25
+50% ATK (enemy) 50
-15% motion velocity (occasion) 50
-50% protect power (occasion) 25
+35% elevated harm for 10 seconds after sprinting (occasion) 25
+25% harm taken after utilizing an elemental burst; stacks as much as 4 occasions (partry) 25
-50% therapeutic effectiveness (occasion) 25
+100% stamina consumption whereas sprinting (occasion) 50
Particular Modifiers The quantity of well being regenerated by the Abyss Herald from every attendant is elevated from 5% to 10%. 50
Every attendant additionally will increase the Abyss Herald’s ATK by 10%. 50
The Abyss Herald unleashes Hydro shockwaves each 15 seconds. 50
One extra Cryo hilichurl archer will spawn every spherical as an attendant. 25

As you may see, the modifiers are designed to beef up the Abyss Herald considerably at any time when attendants are round. Heck, even the additional Cryo hilichurl archer is there so it could possibly freeze your teammates who get hit by Hydro harm.

The excellent news is that you simply gained’t even want to pick out most of those modifiers. Should you have been in a position to receive roughly 5,000 or extra factors in earlier Twisted Realm challenges, then there’s a great probability that you simply’re near the 20,000-point threshold. That is the best threshold the place rewards are given out. In my case, I disabled most attendant buffs in addition to the Cryo resistance.

Gen Pct Twst Rl Dmhrsy 1

Crystal ideas

You should use all of the crystals you’ve obtained all through the Power Amplifier Initiation occasion in Genshin Affect. The next have been those I picked for my clear:

  • Countless Waltz – I’m high quality with this one since biking bursts between characters unleashes a shockwave.
  • Ironbow and Frostbite – Ganyu was my principal DPS for this encounter.
  • Well timed Rain – That is one other superior crystal that ensures perma-freeze lockdown.
  • Burst Injury, Overcharge, and Iron Wall – These have been simply extras that’d assist my occasion as a result of setup.

Notice: My occasion members have been Ganyu, Zhongli, Venti, and Qiqi. Since Ganyu was the principle DPS, each Ironbow and Frostbite ensured that she’ll have highly effective buffs after eliminating a couple of attendants. Likewise, since she and Qiqi are Cryo characters, they’re in a position to freeze opponents as soon as Timeless Rain is lively. Zhongli and Venti, in the meantime, have been there to assist the crew. Zhongli offers additional crowd management and shields, and Venti can simply let the twister group up all of the attendants.

Gen Pct Twst Rl Dmhrsy 2

The Twisted Realm’s Area of Chaos encounter – Eliminating the Abyss Herald: Depraved Torrents

The Abyss Herald: Depraved Torrents has the identical assaults and skills as earlier than. Relying on the modifiers you’ve chosen, in addition to any attendant buffs which can be lively, these strikes can harm lots.

As a result of the attendants are hilichurl-type mobs, utilizing efficient crowd management strategies and AoE talents ensures that they’re taken out shortly. In my case, I simply moved behind the Abyss Herald to attend for the brand new spawns. Then, I popped Venti’s twister and blasted them with Ganyu’s charged assault. Since I used Venti’s burst, that led to a Timeless Rain proc to coat everybody in Hydro. With extra Cryo pictures, the Abyss Herald and extra attendants (a brand new bunch spawned each 30 seconds) have been frozen shortly.

Notice: Should you want extra crowd management capabilities, pop Zhongli’s or Ganyu’s burst to trigger one other Timeless Rain. Then, use Cryo to freeze everybody.

Genshin Impact Twisted Realm Domain Of Heresy Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents Energy Amplifier Modifier Crystals Guide 2a

Proceed peppering the Abyss Herald till its well being is depleted. As soon as it switches to the Darkish Descent/water protect section, the encounter turns into considerably simpler. For one factor, you wouldn’t have to cope with attendants anymore. Furthermore, on account of turning right into a Hydro entity, you may perma-freeze the Abyss Herald constantly.

Make sure that to make use of parts that may counter Hydro (i.e., Cryo and Electro), and you need to have the ability to defeat the boss. Should you’ve reached the 20,000-point threshold, go forward and decide up your problem rewards. Oh, and don’t neglect to seize every part from the Power Amplifier Initiation occasion store.

Genshin Impact Twisted Realm Domain Of Heresy Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents Energy Amplifier Modifier Crystals Guide 2b

Genshin Affect is obtainable by way of its official web site. For extra info, take a look at our guides and options hub. We even have a model 1.5 overview and our principal information for the Power Amplifier Initiation occasion.

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