This is a mod to spice up your outside framerate in Skyrim Particular Version


Should you reap the benefits of the best way Skyrim Particular Version handles heavy mod hundreds to tweak the heck out of it—and particularly should you use an ENB to overtake the graphics—you have most likely taken successful to your framerate. (I have been utilizing Ominous ENB to present issues a dismal, somber look, nevertheless it prices as much as 20fps in some areas.) If that is you, exterior FPS enhance is right here to assist.

It really works because of occlusion culling, which prevents geometry you possibly can’t see from being rendered. Whereas Skyrim already has occlusion culling, eFPS provides considerably extra. Take a look on the changelog within the mod’s description to see simply what number of cells have had occlusion panes added to them. It is so much.

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