This hobbit baked tens of millions of pies to hit max stage in Lord of the Rings On-line


The Lord of the Rings On-line has been round for 14 years, and in that point gamers have slain numerous orcs, goblins, and the occasional Balrog. Naturally the MMO gravitates towards the extra adventurous and violent facets of Tolkien’s universe, however one participant has managed to achieve stage 130 in probably the most hobbit means attainable: baking tens of millions of pies.

His title is Cookingwithsim and he is a hobbit on the Evernight server. Day-after-day for the previous eight months, Cookingwithsim has been both within the kitchen or out gathering components to make pies, utilizing the pittance of expertise factors you get to slowly inch his means towards max stage. It is a mission that will have seemingly required baking at the very least one million pies.

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