The historical past of Chris Redfield half three: Tragedy and hope


In half two of The historical past of Chris Redfield we coated his escapades from Resident Evil 5 all the way in which as much as the beginning of Resident Evil 6. Saying that Resident Evil 6 is a divisive entry within the sequence can be placing it mildly. However Chris did play a giant half in it, and it did have some important story repercussions which might be essential to know earlier than taking part in Resident Evil Village.

To get the complete image, we should return to Christmas Eve in 2012 when Chris, Piers, and a small group of BSAA brokers are on a brand new mission. They’re going to Edonia, a small nation in Japanese Europe. Their mission is to quell a civil conflict that has raged uncontrolled as a result of the usage of bioweapons. Whereas there, Chris and Piers encounter Sherry Birkin, who Chris’ sister Claire saved in the course of the occasions of Resident Evil 2. She is now a member of the Division of Safety Operations, an anti-bioterrorism group that Leon additionally works for. Sherry is defending an Edonian mercenary named Jake Muller, who, unbeknown to Chris, is the illegitimate son of Wesker. Take a look at half one and two of the historical past of Chris Redfield for more information on the connection between these two.


Chris then encounters a lady in a blue costume who says she is Ada Wong. She tells Chris that these new bioweapons have been created by the C-Virus. She additionally says that the virus was provided by a gaggle referred to as Neo Umbrella. Chris is suspicious, however agrees to assist her escape regardless. Nevertheless Ada traps Chris and Piers in a room with their different squadmates and releases a bomb crammed with needles filled with the C-Virus. Chris and Piers battle their remodeled comrades, however Chris is severely injured within the battle. After escaping Metropolis Corridor, Piers deliver Chris to a close-by hospital to recuperate.

History of Chris Redfield

Chris and the amnesia trope

Chris finally awakens within the hospital, however suffers from amnesia on account of his accidents. Earlier than the BSAA can test on him, Chris escapes the hospital. Over a yr later in 2013, Chris is a shell of his former self. Piers lastly tracks down and confronts him at an area bar to attempt to jog his reminiscence. Chris acknowledges the BSAA emblem on Piers’ jacket, however not a lot else.

Piers brings Chris again into lively obligation with the BSAA, regardless of him not having his reminiscence again. The 2 are despatched to Waiyip within the Chinese language province of Lanshiang, which is beneath assault by Neo Umbrella. Their mission is to avoid wasting UN members being held hostage by native bioterrorists. Chris and Piers handle to finish their mission and narrowly escape an air strike of the world. Upon seeing the identical group of contaminated that his teammates changed into in Edonia, Chris lastly regains his reminiscence and vows to get revenge on “Ada.”

Chris’ workforce is then attacked by an invisible monster, however Chris manages to kill it. Ada then reveals up once more to contaminate one in all Chris’ teammates with the C-Virus. Sadly, Chris and Piers should as soon as once more kill a mutated good friend. Chris and Piers then observe Ada all the way down to a warehouse the place they encounter Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper.

History of Chris Redfield

No, I’m not going to clarify Ada

Leon stops Chris from capturing Ada, as they want her alive as a witness. Leon explains that the true mastermind is the nationwide safety adviser Derek Simmons. Simmons launched a bioweapon assault in a metropolis referred to as City Oaks in America. Over 70,000 died within the assault, together with the President, and Ada is needed for questioning. Chris refuses to spare her although, and a battle breaks out between Leon and Chris. Ada manages to flee throughout their battle, and Chris lastly involves his senses after speaking to Leon.

Leon and Helena go after Simmons whereas Chris and Piers proceed after Ada. Chris manages to nook Ada the place she reveals that her plan is to make use of the C-Virus to recreate the incident at Raccoon Metropolis on a worldwide scale. Then one in all Simmons’ henchmen arrives in a helicopter and shoots Ada earlier than she will be able to say extra. She leaves behind a briefcase with a syringe filled with the improved C-Virus. Don’t fear, that wasn’t really Ada. However that could be a lengthy, silly story for an additional day. That is the historical past of Chris Redfield in any case, not the historical past of “Ada Wong.”

Chris and Piers then attempt to cease a ship from capturing a gasoline bomb filled with the C-Virus onto the mainland. They fail and a lot of the metropolis’s inhabitants turns into zombies. Chris is then contacted by Leon who says they should rescue Sherry and Jake from an underwater Neo Umbrella jail. It’s there that Chris learns Jake has antibodies to the C-Virus, and can be Wesker’s son.

Household ties

On their technique to the power, Chris tells Piers that after the mission he’s going to retire from lively obligation and go his place on to him. After rescuing them, Chris reveals that he was the one who killed Jake’s father. The workforce are then attacked by HAOS, a brilliant bioweapon . HAOS was designed by Neo Umbrella to unfold the C-Virus world wide as soon as it was absolutely accomplished. Piers grew to become contaminated in the course of the battle, and sacrifices himself so Chris might escape whereas taking down HAOS, together with himself and the complete facility. Chris decides to not retire after the mission, in reminiscence of Piers.

The historical past of Chris Redfield now strikes onto the CG film Resident Evil: Vendetta. It’s 2014, and Chris is distributed to Mexico to supervise a sting towards a bioweapons arms supplier named Glenn Arias. The sting goes utterly sideways, and Arias reveals he has his arms on a brand new, unknown virus. Glenn escapes, and the remainder of Chris’ workforce is killed. Swearing revenge towards Arias, the hunt leads Chris to New York the place an outbreak is underway. Whereas there, he rescues Rebecca Chambers, who tells Chris this new virus is expounded to the one utilized by the Los Iluminados — the identical cult from Resident Evil 4. The 2 then determine to go to Leon in Colorado for assist.

Chris hits The Large Apple

After discovering Leon, the group is attacked by Arias’ goons. Rebecca is kidnapped, and Leon agrees to assist Chris. Arriving again in New York, Arias taunts Chris by telling him that he has contaminated Rebecca together with his new A-Virus. Later, Chris is ready to discover Arias’ lab and rescue Rebecca. There, Arias and Chris battle hand-to-hand and Chris defeats Arias. The arc isn’t completed, although. He nonetheless must discover a vaccine for Rebecca.

Nevertheless, Arias’ proper hand man, Diego Gomez, arrives earlier than Arias dies and makes use of the A-Virus to mix and remodel right into a Tyrant-like creature. Chris and Leon are in a position to defeat the creature collectively, detonating a grenade within the creature’s coronary heart. The group then finds the vaccine. Rebecca, together with all of the contaminated in New York, are in a position to be cured.

Lastly the historical past of Chris Redfield catches as much as the latest sport within the sequence earlier than Resident Evil Village. The following occasion takes place within the Resident Evil 7 DLC chapter titled Not a Hero. It’s now 2017 and the BSAA is requested by the supposedly reformed Blue Umbrella to assist with an operation in Dulvey, Louisiana. Chris hesitantly accepts the mission. Their purpose is to apprehend Lucas Baker, who’s believed to be in possession of the bioweapon generally known as “Mildew.” Chris and his workforce arrive simply on the finish of the occasions of Resident Evil 7, when Ethan is preventing the absolutely mutated Eveline. With Chris’ assist, Ethan is ready to defeat her. He then escapes together with his spouse Mia through helicopter.

History of Chris Redfield

Enter Ethan Winters

Chris pursues Lucas into a close-by salt mine. In the course of the battle, Lucas turns into a large monster. After Chris kills Lucas, he destroys all of his laborious drives to forestall the sale of the Mildew bioweapon. Chris additionally reveals up in the course of the finish of the Finish of Zoe DLC the place he finds Zoe and Joe Baker after they’ve defeated the Swamp Man. Chris went to search out Zoe on the request of Ethan, as Zoe helped him and Mia escape the Baker mansion.

It has been a protracted and winding street, however we have now lastly caught up with the Historical past of Chris Redfield. We all know that Chris is as soon as once more concerned in Ethan’s life in Resident Evil Village, however to what capability we have no idea. Based mostly on the trailers Ethan appears to suppose that Chris has killed Mia. I strongly doubt that’s the case although. We are going to discover out what awaits Chris subsequent in Resident Evil Village, and you’ll try our overview in case you’re curious to know our ideas.

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