The film primarily based on Ubisoft’s 2016 VR social gathering recreation, Werewolves Inside, really appears fairly good


Of all of the video games to be tailored right into a film, Ubisoft’s 2016 VR social gathering recreation Werewolves Inside won’t soar out as the apparent alternative. However in 2018 the social deduction recreation from Redstorm Leisure went into growth as a movie, and manufacturing of the horror comedy started in 2020. This week we received our first take a look at the trailer.

And it appears fairly good! Within the small city of Beaverton, a heavy snowstorm traps a number of quirky, gun-toting residents within the native inn, whereas a newly employed forest ranger and native postal employee attempt to maintain them from panicking. Seems one in every of them—or extra—is a werewolf, and as within the Mafia-style recreation, the opposite residents want to determine who the key werewolf is that if they wish to survive.

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