Siege Survival is not kidding round about being a survival sport


Issues are off to a tough begin. My character, Flint, is ravenous. My different character, Bertam, is ravenous. (He is additionally dying of thirst, and sick from spending an excessive amount of time close to a rotting corpse, and depressed from his total household dying.) My chickens are ravenous. My pigs are now not ravenous, however solely as a result of they simply starved to loss of life. 

Nevertheless it’s not all unhealthy information. The troopers defending the citadel I am hiding in… oh, wait, sorry, they’re additionally ravenous. I’ve one egg I could make right into a meal, so no less than one among us can eat. However I am out of firewood, so Flint simply eats it uncooked and hopes for the very best.

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