Sea of Thieves goes deep beneath the waves in its subsequent season


The subsequent season of Sea of Thieves will add a brand new vary of underwater shenanigans within the type of new Siren Shrines, six distinctive and harmful places deep beneath the waves, crammed with treasures to be claimed by gamers who can clear up their mysteries and full their challenges. Swashbucklers preferring a extra straight-up struggle towards the denizens of the deep blue sea can as an alternative go for Siren Treasuries, that are crammed with “coral treasures” that may earn a fairly penny from the Buying and selling Firms. 

To assist guarantee a fairly clear getaway, your loot could be saved in sunken statues in each locales after which dropped at the floor everytime you’re able to load it up by the pleasant merfolk—the identical bunch who teleports you again to your ship once you fall overboard since you have been goofing round. You may nonetheless have to hold it onto the ship your self, although, so it isn’t a very risk-free choice (which is an effective factor, actually—it is no enjoyable with no hazard, in spite of everything). All of the shrines and Treasures are marked on the map, and a telltale shimmer on the floor of the water will make them simpler to trace down.

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