Peripeteia is an immersive sim the place you play ‘residing army surplus’ in near-future Poland


Very first thing I did after I left the bar was stack crates to climb out of an alley, so yeah, Peripeteia is an immersive sim all proper. You play a cyborg ex-soldier named Marie, diminished to odd jobs and mercenary work in a metropolis the place the primary supply of warmth and light-weight comes from fires in drum barrels. It is Deus Ex besides you are Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost within the Shell, retired, in Poland.

The demo contains two missions and so they’re greater than I anticipated. Big tower buildings, lengthy hallways filled with trash, rooftops related by pipes, underground tunnels. It is a good factor I can dash perpetually, soar prefer it’s going out of fashion, and leap-frog up ledges, which makes exploring a hoot.

(Picture credit score: Ninth Exodus)

It is price exploring due to course there are a number of methods into every space. The bartender needs a keycard from the gas-mask thugs who took over a close-by constructing, which I get into by going excessive. I pause to speak to a homeless rooftop-dweller about politics, as a result of everyone in video games like this needs to speak politics. The town used to belong to the Soviet Union in Peripeteia’s alternate-history future, and now it is being fought over by numerous factions in addition to scavengers on the lookout for the hidden caches of Soviet tech rumored to have been left behind. Which is the place I are available, a strolling lump of leftover tech myself, known as “residing army surplus” within the Kickstarter pitch.

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