New trailer for 40K FPS Necromunda: Employed Gun exhibits you may be doing extra than simply taking pictures


I wasn’t fussed by the earlier trailer for Necromunda: Employed Gun, a first-person shooter set within the mega-gritty Warhammer 40,000 universe. Wall-running, grapple-hooking, and an autogun that looks like a generic assault rifle did not actually promote me on it, although the pet cyber-mastiff assault canine was a pleasant contact. The most recent trailer does a a lot better job making Employed Gun appear attention-grabbing as a result of it lets us see a little bit of what goes on between all of the shootybang, knifeystab, and doggybite.

It is centered on a hub location known as Martyr’s Finish, a pub the place contacts hand out bounty hunter gigs, a rogue physician performs questionable procedures, and the barmaid is an data dealer. In accordance with the presser it is also the place you may meet well-known bounty hunter Kal Jerico (star of quite a few 40K comics and novels), improve your bionics, customise your character, and ship your mastiff to smell out treats.

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