Name of Responsibility: Warzone patch nerfs AMAX by 1 injury level


Although it “pains” them to do it, Name of Responsibility: Warzone caretakers Raven Software program generally should shed a single tear and make a gun a little bit worse. Right now’s patch takes the favored CR-56 AMAX assault rifle down a notch. And it is actually one notch: The assault rifle’s minimal injury has been decreased from 32 to 31 in Warzone (however not Chilly Warfare).

It is a conservative change, however not completely insignificant. At vary, doing the minimal injury, gamers might want to get one further shot in with the AMAX for a kill. The quickest time-to-kill the gun is able to at max injury hasn’t modified, although, which Raven feels retains the AMAX’s risk-reward proposition balanced “contemplating how unforgiving its price of fireside is and what number of different weapons it has to contest with within the mid-range engagement area.”

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