Minecraft speedrunner Dream admits to unintentionally dishonest in record-setting run


Dream is a massively fashionable YouTuber and Minecraft speedrunner. After a breakout 12 months in 2020, which noticed his subscriber rely develop by 12 million between January and November, he now has almost 23 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Twitter. He bumped into some bother on the finish of 2020, nevertheless, after some viewers started to suspect that he was in some way dishonest of their record-setting speedruns.

The legitimacy of the runs got here into query due to the unusually excessive drop charges of two key objects in Dream’s streams, ender pearls and blazing rods, each of which speedrunners depend on to achieve the top of the sport as shortly as doable. We have got a good explainer right here, however the quick model is that Dream appeared to have preternaturally good luck in buying them. Due to that, moderators at speedrun.com analyzed six of Dream’s speedrun streams and located that the percentages of getting these drops had been an “unfathomably small” 1 in 177 billion. Sure, billion.

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