Metropolis builders with a twist are my new favourite style


I’ve drifted away from metropolis builders during the last couple years, in all probability on account of getting a bit uninterested in Cities: Skylines (it is a fantastic recreation but it surely got here out in 2015) and discovering survival metropolis builder Frostpunk a bit too taxing to play frequently (I find it irresistible, but it surely’s extremely brutal).

Nevertheless it does not take a lot to rekindle my curiosity in rising and managing cities and cities, and lording over little buildings and littler residents. And as a lot enjoyable as that’s, I at all times admire it when there’s some form of attention-grabbing twist together with the acquainted metropolis constructing and administration methods.

Like, say, a metropolis constructing recreation set on a medieval ringworld?

(Picture credit score: Ravenscourt)

I do not know how a medieval ring world can exist. Even with a number of steampunk tech, it is onerous to think about the development of a hoop world in house by a society nonetheless crusing round in galleons. However who cares? Cube Legacy seems to be superior and sounds attention-grabbing. It is a dice-based survival roguelike (and a metropolis builder, in some way) the place you unfold your realm over (up? round?) the ring world, battling enemy factions, gathering sources, and leveling up your residents.

Your cube aren’t only for rolling, both: You possibly can dunk them right into a forge and mix them into extra highly effective cube as you attempt to conquer the procedurally generated ring world. Cube Legacy is due out someday this 12 months, and I really like the best way it seems to be. I am simply curious to study the way it all really works.

(Picture credit score: Orthrus Studios)

For those who’re in search of a metropolis builder that is a bit extra conventional however nonetheless incorporates a couple of attention-grabbing twists, I’ve performed a little bit of Distant Kingdoms, which is at present in Early Entry. It is a fantasy metropolis constructing recreation the place the hope is to sometime create a harmonious metropolis the place elves, dwarves, orcs, and people can stay side-by-side as a substitute of making an attempt to kill one another.

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