Magic: The Gathering—Enviornment desires you to return to highschool


Magic: The Gathering has explored worlds dominated by despotic dragons, a celestial pantheon who wage conflict on one another utilizing mortals as pawns, and a race of biomechanical horrors. Its newest set introduces maybe probably the most terrifying menace but: spell-powered youngsters.

Strixhaven: Faculty of Mages dropped on Magic: The Gathering—Enviornment on April 15, inviting gamers to their first day on the multiverse’s preeminent arcane college. Proving way more than only a Harry Potter knock-off, Strixhaven’s whimsical setting proved instantly fashionable with gamers. The brand new set launched a bunch of contemporary faces together with a really acquainted one, three new mechanics (or 4, in the event you’re pedantic), and a peek into the close to way forward for the world’s hottest collectible card recreation. 

(Picture credit score: Wizards of the Coast)

The college contains 5 faculties outlined by a pair of enemy mana colours, ostensibly opposed values smashed along with attention-grabbing outcomes. New college students align themselves with both Silverquill, Lorehold, Witherbloom, Prismari, or Quandrix, every with their very own philosophy and specialty. (The aircraft of Arcavios is dwelling to 5 elder dragons who based Strixhaven untold ages in the past, lending the universities their names and magical inclinations.) What meaning for the sport is an abundance of multicolored playing cards and 5 distinct deckbuilding archetypes.

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