Kingdom Hearts 3 will get a Thomas the Tank Engine mod, after all


Thomas the Tank Engine will need to have a mighty lengthy CV today. From being Monster Hunter’s latest Elder Dragon to reworking right into a big practice snake, plonking outdated Tommy into videogames is only a ceremony of passage at this level. With Kingdom Hearts 3 mods beginning to trickle in during the last week, it is solely pure that the practice has now ventured into the Disney/Last Fantasy mashup.

Modder calebsmores has changed the tram that circles round Twilight City with a barely terrifying rendition of the Tank Engine—his glowing eyes have stared straight into my soul, letting me know he is most positively flattened a Disney princess or two in his lifetime. It is only a mannequin and texture alternative, so do not anticipate the theme tune or any ear-splitting whistles.

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