Into the Pit is a spellcasting FPS roguelite with lashings of Heretic and Bloodborne


Hardly per week goes by with no new retro-styled FPS rising, and Into the Pit is not even the primary (hi there, Forgive Me Father), however it’s in all probability the one one the place your character throws up satan horns on beating a baddie. Revealed at Xbox’s Gamescom presentation in the present day, Into the Pit is a spellcasting FPS roguelite set in a village harried by a “demonic pit”.

When a village all of a sudden earns itself a demonic pit you simply know demons are going to come back out of it, and that they will must be murdered. As a “lore-hunting mystic” that is what you will be doing in Into the Pit, all within the pursuits of discovering your cousin Luridia who has seemingly fallen afoul of the pit.

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