I Stayed Up Till 2am Making an attempt to Make a Rooster Like Me in Far Cry 6


I’ve finished a whole lot of bizarre issues in my years enjoying video games. As soon as I stayed up till the early hours of the morning making an attempt to beat a bow-tie-wearing black blob in They Got here From the Floor — a largely unknown Xbox Stay Arcade sport — while extremely drunk. One other time I watched my mates by chance plummet out of a helicopter to their dying in GTA On-line, forgetting they wanted a parachute. And I’ve even chased down a panty thief within the ever-eccentric Judgment (you need to completely play it by the best way). However in Far Cry 6, for causes I’m nonetheless not solely clear on, I stayed up till 2am making an attempt to befriend an especially offended and anti-social rooster.

My quibbles with my very own actions aren’t that I in the end semi-succeeded in my activity, however the reality I discovered the concept of ready till the morning to do such a factor so inconceivable. “I need to befriend the rooster earlier than I sleep,” I muttered to myself, like some disturbed streetwalker.

That rooster — when you’ve performed the sport you’re probably already conscious — is Chicharrón. A chook so bad-ass it wears a nose-ring; has a multi-colored plume of feathers, and wears a spiked choker. Why? Effectively, I can solely assume to instill concern in any idiot unfortunate sufficient to locks eyes with this beady-eyed beast.

So the place did my desperation to befriend such a rage-fueled rooster start? When Ubisoft made a complete near-2-minute trailer outlining the poor fella’s backstory. Snatched from the seashores of Yara and thrown right into a cockfighting ring, solely to flee, leaving explosions in its wake because it costs by means of busy streets chased by the FND army.

My hero.

So, when the ‘Man’s Finest Enemy’ quest lastly popped within the east of Yara, I knew I wanted to make assembly this charismatic creature my precedence. Alas, it was late. I used to be reviewing Far Cry 6 — test it out, sorry not sorry for the plug — and one factor had led to a different and earlier than I knew it, it was 2 am. However there, lastly, after 20+ hours of enjoying (I visited the japanese area of Yara final), Chicharrón was in attain.

Sleep is for the weak, particularly when you could have a roid-rage rooster as a pal.

So off I jetted and met Reinaldo, an NPC and proud proprietor of the aforementioned rooster, who instructed me the bone-chilling story of Chicharrón’s bloodthirsty backstory. Having skilled this chook to be the very best and baddest cockfighter in all of Yara, the FND had rocked up, tried to arrest Reinaldo for smuggling money, and his cockerel companion had misplaced its metaphorical shit.

“When he tasted the blood of soldados, Yara’s best guerrilla fighter was born… He has an insatiable thirst to kill those that damage the harmless,” Reinaldo instructed me.

At this level, there’s little else you actually have to learn about why I wanted to befriend such a creature. An eye fixed for vogue? Verify. A style for candy, candy, justice? Verify. However then Chicharrón gave me the blood-red icing on the cake.

First I had to assist him handle some vicious assault canines the FND was breeding. Comparatively simple sufficient. However then the following quest, ‘Pecking Orders’ had me “following the offended rooster,” because it made its strategy to the following locale to be soaked by the blood of our oppressors.

Alongside the best way, Chicharrón, clearly pissed off for no good cause, smashed up an harmless service provider’s stall by the facet of the street, a lot to their displeasure. He actually pecked an FND automobile till it erupted right into a ball of flames, sending himself careering backward into the center of the street into a colourful heap of feathers.

We then stormed an FND headquarters, destroying tons of of information and paperwork, I can solely assume for the hell of it… and since, as beforehand said, he’s a really offended, unhealthy boy.

Our reign of terror and the start of a fantastic friendship concluded with me defending the beaky boi as he pecked a monument to smithereens. The anger of this rooster in opposition to the institution is aware of no bounds.

However what introduced a smile to my face wasn’t simply the dent me and my rooster ally had put into Castillo’s corrupt institution, however the reality we tagged wherever we went with Chicharrón’s tag, like a calling card to let the FND know what was up.

far cry 6 chicharron

In any case was mentioned and finished, all the things we’d been by means of. I walked over to my newfound buddy — or so I assumed — and tried to present him a pet.

Like knowledgeable boxer, the bastard ducked and weaved my encroaching hand earlier than making an attempt to nip it. Heeding the story of Chicharrón’s insatiable thirst for human blood, I backed off.

In case you’re ever questioning what you’re doing at any random stage in your life, simply keep in mind this:

I stayed up till 2 am doing nothing extra in Far Cry 6 than making an attempt to befriend a digital rooster, and after all the things we’ve been by means of, it nonetheless received’t let me pet it.

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