I hate bards, so I am having a good time killing them on this reverse dungeon crawler


I detest bards, apparently. This was abruptly delivered to my consideration once I began taking part in Legend of Keepers immediately, a dungeon crawler (within the vein of Darkest Dungeon) the place as a substitute of combating the monsters, you are the monsters and also you combat the heroes. You are a boss monster, in truth, and it is your job to guard your treasure towards events of daring adventurers: sorcerers, fighters, archers, rogues, monks.

And bards. Which it seems I’ve some lengthy, unrecognized, deep-seated hatred for. I actually had no concept till I killed my first bard in Legend of Keepers, and took nice pleasure in first poisoning, then burning, then slashing that lute-strumming tune-warbling flaxen-haired jerk to loss of life.

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