How you can full the bell puzzle in Resident Evil Village


When you’re caught on the Resident Evil Village bell puzzle, chances are high you are not the one one. Of the 5 chimes you have to ring out to progress the sport, the primary few are fairly easy. Nonetheless, the remaining bells require a eager eye and a little bit of lateral pondering. When you’ve combed each nook of this ornate room in quest of the answer and you are still caught, you are in the proper place.

Frankly, simply navigating Woman Dimitrescu’s labyrinthine fortress is a puzzle in and of itself as you seek for keys, masks, and extra, however fortunately the Resident Evil 8 bell puzzle is contained in simply this one room. So, that will help you transfer on via the fortress, here is the place to shoot all 5 bells.

Resident Evil Village bell puzzle: The place to shoot all 5

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