How teleportation is powering the web of the longer term


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This text first appeared in PC Gamer journal difficulty 355 in april 2021, as a part of our ‘Tech Report’ collection. Each month we discover and clarify the most recent technological advances in computingfrom the fantastic to the really bizarre—with assist from the scientists, researchers, and engineers making all of it occur. 

We like phat pipes, and we can’t lie. And over the previous 20 years we have seen web connections change from dial-up to ADSL over copper wire, to at the moment’s fibre-optics. So what’s subsequent for the way we switch knowledge? 

Think about a community that, as a substitute of utilizing pulses of sunshine to ship alerts, makes use of the properties of photons themselves. This can be a quantum community, and it depends on one thing Einstein wasn’t very keen on: quantum entanglement. Decried as ‘spooky motion at a distance’ by the moustachioed relativity-theoriser, entanglement means making a pair of photons in such a means that, if you measure the quantum state of 1, you instantly know the identical property of the opposite irrespective of how far aside they’re. Transferring data on this means is named quantum teleportation, however moderately than males in purple shirts doomed to die, what’s teleported right here is the quantum data. If you happen to’re actually intelligent, this is sufficient to construct an web. 

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