How a Valheim speedrunner killed all 5 bosses in underneath 90 minutes


The roadblocks to speedrunning Valheim are fairly intensive. It is a survival recreation the place you start with nothing and need to slay monsters, collect sources, and craft gear as you journey deeper and deeper into an enormous procedurally generated world, finally taking up Valheim’s 5 bosses that are scattered throughout the map.

That sounds rather a lot like Minecraft, the place over time speedrunners have found methods to take out the ultimate boss, the ender dragon, in only a few minutes. However there is a massive distinction relating to closing bosses within the two video games. In Minecraft you at all times know precisely the place the ender dragon is. She unfailingly seems if you attain the biome known as the Finish, which you entry by touring by means of a stronghold’s portal.

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