Endwalker job modifications, Reaper, and Sage detailed


The most recent Closing Fantasy XIV Reside Letter from the Producer has simply hit, and it contained a full six hours of Endwalker-related livestream-y goodness. I’ve performed my finest to condense these six hours into this ridiculous mega-post.

The primary focus of the Reside Letter was on job actions — or, to place it one other method, on how the present jobs/courses are altering after they transfer into Endwalker. We additionally bought a bit extra of an outline on precisely how the brand new Reaper and Sage jobs will operate, and I’m afraid these are deep on this barely-intelligible mess wall of textual content, too.


A couple of fast caveats, although. First, I’ve but to hit most stage in each single job in Closing Fantasy XIV, and even then I haven’t performed a few of my 80 jobs shortly. As such, there are many jobs the place I can’t go into an excessive amount of element or give too many ideas, or I’d muck up and make some errors. Bear with me, and be happy to guess which jobs I can’t bear in mind. Second, the Reside Letter was in Japanese with a dwell translation, and dwell translation is clearly a bit finicky so there could also be some inaccuracies or unclear points. Don’t take all of this as absolute gospel, principally. And third, that is all topic to alter, and it isn’t a load of full patch notes or something. It’s just about a collection of examples and brief descriptions of some modifications being made.

Endwalker job actions trailer and housekeeping

First issues first, we must always most likely take a look at the trailer. The 20 minutes(!) of footage beneath exhibit quite a lot of combos and talents from each single fight job within the recreation. It’s all offered with out context, so it’s principally for 2 issues: so as to take a look at the roles you play and go “Oh, hey, that’s new”, and so as to take a look at all of the roles and go “Ooh, fairly lights.”

We additionally want to speak about among the common modifications which are being made. As has beforehand been said, numbers are being flattened throughout the board to forestall bloat. HP is lowering, however so too is harm. So whereas numbers might seem smaller, the tough “impact” is principally the identical.

One other change being made is that the bodily harm formulation and magical harm formulation are being equalised. That is technical and includes numbers, so I’m not going to attempt too arduous right here as a result of I’m very silly. From what I can collect, the way in which harm is at present calculated is a holdover from Closing Fantasy XIV 1.0 — you recognize, the one we don’t speak about. Successfully, the formulation meant that magical harm had the next “base” worth. These formulation are actually being adjusted and introduced in line. Nevertheless! That will imply that bodily harm would do extra harm, so bodily assault Efficiency (the quantity you truly see on the tooltip for any given assault) shall be diminished. So don’t panic that your assaults have a decrease Efficiency: they’re nonetheless as efficient as they had been earlier than; it’s simply that the precise calculations involving them have modified.

Yet another change, rapidly: the recast instances of main talents are principally being introduced in line to be both 60 seconds or 120 seconds. That isn’t true for all the things (Leylines will nonetheless be 90 seconds), but it surely’s an try and streamline and clean issues out a bit, and require a bit much less of a psychological gear shift if you change from one job to a different. It’s not a lot to homogenize the roles, however to ensure they’ve the same tempo.

All of this stated, many of the modifications being made to jobs are in step with Shadowbringers. The crew is outwardly fairly pleased with the way in which fight and jobs at present work, so we’re not going again to the chaotic days of the three.x collection. Other than the present system being a cheerful center floor between complexity and ease that most individuals appear to love, that is additionally as a result of the sooner iterations had been each tougher to steadiness and made creating balanced content material extra of a problem. Take that as you’ll.

Proper. Let’s discuss particular roles and jobs. First up, the tanks.


As a common replace, all tank jobs will get “larger advantages” from utilizing their defensive buffs at “optimum instances”. That’s to say, you gained’t simply be utilizing your defensive cooldowns to guard towards a tankbuster. Utilizing your defensive talents along with different talents will give a brief further profit, and add a extra technical facet to the defensive buffs. Which is lots of phrases and only a few particulars.

The one instance given was that earlier than you would possibly see a capability being solid, and also you’d hit your defensive capacity to mitigate harm. Commonplace tankbuster protection. Now, these further results imply you’re doing a bit extra with this; there may be, say, a protection buff that applies to each your self and a celebration member, which also needs to give off-tanks a bit extra to do.

Additionally (and this goes for melee DPS as properly, so I’ll repeat it in that part), ranged assaults will now not break your melee combos. If a boss begins up an AoE and you’ll want to transfer away from it, now you can simply throw out your ranged assault to maintain doing one thing as an alternative of going “Nicely, I’m about to do my combo finisher and I don’t wish to waste that, so I’ll stand right here and do nothing.” Ought to make it simpler for tanks to tug extra mobs that spawn with out breaking their combo, too.

Endwalker Job Changes Paladin


A couple of modifications had been talked about for the stalwart Paladin, the face of Endwalker. The 2 within the slideshow above are a quite good QoL change, in addition to a brand new combo, however each of these are centered on the “magic” aspect of the Paladin. The opposite is a minor adjustment.

First, Requiescat now not cares about how a lot MP you’ve gotten remaining, so you should utilize that every time it’s handy. Second, Confiteor will get a three-attack combo, which is outwardly proven within the job motion trailer. I’m guessing that’s the one with the gigantic swords bursting from the sky. Third, Intervene (the flexibility you utilize to sprint to targets) now has a barely larger vary: now you can bounce in from 20 yalms as an alternative of 15.

Paladin is only a straight evolution, principally. When you’ll nonetheless have some new bits to regulate to, the job isn’t altering an excessive amount of.



A bit extra to sink your enamel into right here, which appears becoming for the extra bestial Warrior. AoE tanking goes to get a contact simpler for the Warriors, as AoE combos now truly offer you (and prolong) your harm up buffs, so no extra inserting a Storm’s Eye combo to buff your self. As with Paladin, a pleasant QoL change. Talking of QoL modifications, Onslaught and Upheaval will now not drain your Beast Gauge, which is sweet. I actually don’t know why Onslaught ever did, however hey. In any case, that’ll now have three costs, and can enable for lots of mobility, particularly with “the brand new motion that stems from it”. Undecided if that’s the motion talked about instantly beneath, or one thing else. And, whereas this little bit of the livestream was a bit confused, it feels like Nascent Flash can even have the same change.

That apart, Warriors will get a brand new motion after utilizing Inside Launch, and Inside Launch may have its recast time adjusted from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.

Dark Knight

Darkish Knight

My beloved edgy girls and boys aren’t altering a lot. Delirium’s recast time is being adjusted to 60 seconds, so as soon as once more there’s a rise in frequency there, however the crew is pleased with many of the combos and rotations so no main shifts right here. As with Paladin’s Intervene, Plunge shall be prolonged to a 20 yalm vary, and Darkish Knights will get one other single-target protection buff that isn’t The Blackest Evening.

Salted Earth is now only a PBAoE as an alternative of being a ground-target capacity, and it’ll make a brand new motion obtainable. I’m pondering if that new motion may be a detonation of kinds, however we’ll discover out earlier than lengthy. Apparently, Yoshi-P bought the purpose of establishing a macro to simply place Salted Earth the place he was standing, so… yeah, this alteration is smart, as a result of most everybody both did that or had it solid at goal anyway. There aren’t many events the place any tank would need a capability that does harm over time in an space to be distant from them, since… properly, the tank desires enemies to be subsequent to them, punching them within the face. I can suppose of some conditions, however not many.

Secondly, your simulacrum from Residing Shadow will get a brand new motion. So hey, our Residing Shadow is levelling up too!



First up for these gamers who want they had been in Balamb Backyard, you’ll have three cartridges obtainable, and the gap-closing Tough Divide will now be a 20 yalm vary.

Proper, onto the complicated stuff. Once you begin up a combo with Gnashing Fang, that capacity will truly get replaced in your hotbar with Savage Claw, after which after utilizing that, it’ll get replaced with Depraved Talon. It successfully turns the Gnashing Fang combo right into a one-button combo and saves some hotbar house, which is a change I’m just about at all times in favour of. If you happen to insert every other actions in between, it sounds just like the combo will stay the place it was. Equally, Continuation can be utilized after Burst Strike.

(I’m going to be trustworthy: I don’t play Gunbreaker — but — and that “inserting different actions in between” bit can also have been referring to Continuation, as Yoshi-P stated the English phrase “Continuation”, and the precise quote from the translator was “will proceed to be continued” which may properly have been a pun.)

Both method, with extra cartridges obtainable and extra most stacks, Yoshi-P reckons there’ll be a component of technique concerned in deciding if you wish to rush in and burn up all of your cartridges directly or hold onto them.

Melee DPS

Whew. Tanks performed. Solely… oh good grief. There are so many jobs to go, and we haven’t touched on any of the roles getting huge modifications but.

So, first issues first: as talked about above, ranged assaults will now not break your melee combos, so be happy to make use of Piercing Talon or Enpi or no matter, everytime you like. Additionally as talked about above, your Efficiency numbers will appear decrease, however that’s simply all the way down to the formulation altering: the precise harm will nonetheless be in step with what it was earlier than.

As for stuff that’s truly particular to melee DPS? Feint will now not cut back Power and Dexterity, however will simply flat-out cut back each bodily and magical harm dealt. That stated, bodily harm discount shall be stronger. As with so many issues, it’s a pleasant QoL change.

Endwalker Job Changes Dragoon


No big Endwalker job modifications for our favourite flooring tanks. The largest adjustment might be that Blood of the Dragon will now be a trait quite than a capability, which I fairly like (one much less maintenance to fret about!) though I’ll miss the large blue glow. Any actions that wanted Blood of the Dragon will, as such, be obtainable always.

Dragoons shall be getting an expanded AoE rotation, and a brand new motion on finishing a selected combo rotation. It feels like this would possibly simply be a flat improve that’ll change an present capacity, although, quite than an additional button to push. Oh, and Spineshatter Dive may have two costs now, so that you’ve bought a bit extra mobility.

Lastly, in step with the 60/120 second recast modifications, Lance Cost will now have a recast time of 60 seconds and Battle Litany may have a recast time of 120 seconds.



Ah, the Monk. I could possibly be improper, however off-hand, I can’t consider a job that’s had extra reworks than our poor fist wizards. So naturally, Monk is getting reworked once more in Endwalker. Truthful warning: the final time I performed Monk was a number of expansions in the past, so I’m hardly an skilled on its present iteration or the way it’s modified in the interim.

First, as this can have an enormous affect on all the things: no extra stacking Greased Lightning. As such, Chakras shall be unlocked at a decrease stage. This may mix with a completely new system, referred to as Masterful Blitz. There are three Chakras, and likewise Yin and Yang. Relying on which Chakras you utilize throughout Excellent Steadiness (which can now have two costs, every charging over 40 seconds) you’ll unlock completely different abilities to make use of afterwards.

Oh, and True Strike and Twin Snakes are now not directional… and Shoulder Sort out is being eliminated. Don’t fear, although; you’ll nonetheless have a spot nearer. The brand new hole nearer that replaces Shoulder Sort out is solely for mobility, doing no harm, however it may well additionally goal your get together members so you may rapidly transfer to just about anybody on the battlefield. “You don’t wish to Shoulder Sort out your allies,” laughed the translator, who has clearly by no means performed with among the folks I’ve performed with. Thoughts you, I’m a grumpy healer so I hate everybody.

The Masterful Blitz modifications had been in depth sufficient that Yoshi-P wished to indicate them off on display. You’ll be able to have a fast take a look at them in motion by way of the Twitch VOD, at 2:29:10.



The Samurai, followers of standing subsequent to the tank for some cause and getting slapped by cleaving tankbusters, get some good QoL enhancements, that are strikingly much like one of many enhancements the Warrior bought. Particularly, the buff results from Jinpu and Shifu now truly get utilized by the AoE combos, which… sure, thanks. The AoE combos already prolonged them anyway, so it’s good to not need to weave in two separate combos simply to get the buffs within the first place. It feels like Meikyo Shisui shall be doing one thing comparable, too: in case you use that to activate the third a part of a combo rotation (Gekko, say), you’ll get the buffs from the second half (on this instance, Jinpu) too. Don’t take that as gosepl, although.

Samurai can even be getting a brand new job motion much like Iajustu and Tsubame-gaeshi. From a look on the Samurai’s a part of the job motion trailer, I’m guessing that is most likely the assault that closed off their part. It was one other charged Iajutsu, however with a brand new animation, and carried out with none Sen after performing the assorted different varieties. May be a follow-up that does but one other improved model after utilizing the earlier two strikes, or it may be one thing solely unrelated. Or I could possibly be going mad and that’s one thing already within the recreation, however I haven’t seen it.

Both method, the Samurai is pure melee DPS, and this simply expands on that. That is one other easy evolution. Nevertheless! Tsubame-gaeshi and Meikyo Shisui now have two costs apiece, so that you’ve bought extra burst potential if you’d like it.



The Ninja is one other job I’ve but to correctly mess with, so I can’t do a lot however restate their Endwalker job modifications right here. Firstly, the sneaky guys and gals shall be getting new actions linked to Raiton, Doton, and Huton. Likewise, they’ll be getting a brand new motion that makes it simpler to use Huton.

On this occasion, the Closing Fantasy XIV crew has principally tried to not make the Ninja an excellent busier job than earlier than, contemplating the Mudra combos and the necessity to get them proper as it’s. So no: you get a less complicated strategy to apply Huton, and new actions linked to the already present Ninjutsu. Hopefully much less probability of getting the rabbit of disgrace in your head. If you happen to’re after new stuff, although, then there’ll even be a brand new motion added for if you’re utilizing the Bunshin.

Shadow Fang can also be being eliminated, although that feels like extra of an apart. I’ve no emotions on this both method.

Endwalker Reaper


Reaper is arguably the large one, and the one most individuals are excited for. I wasn’t too fussed about this as a result of I have already got sufficient DPS jobs I must stage, however having seen this in motion… sure, I’m intrigued. There’s one thing nearly Satan Could Cry about the way in which the combos right here chain collectively and the sheer velocity at which among the combos come out. GCD? What GCD?

So, because the slide above says, the Reaper makes use of a scythe to assault in tandem with their spooky avatar buddy, and may also merge with the avatar to unleash extra highly effective assaults. The Reaper may also grant enhancements to the get together, which is outwardly the one actual synergy-related motion the job has. Within the job motion trailer, this may be seen because the Reaper making an attempt to tug one thing out of the Bard… however I do not know what that’ll truly do. As for the tough mechanical overview of the job, the Reaper has a lot of specialised actions that permit them do all method of issues in all method of fight conditions.

On the job HUD you may see within the slide above, you’ve bought two gauges; one at 20 and one at 30. The highest one is the Soul Gauge. You fill this as much as unleash completely different assaults, and it additionally applies to some assault you unleash with the avatar; this can deplete among the cost constructed up. When you’ve began whipping out your personal assaults and the avatar’s assaults, the second gauge — the Shroud Gauge — begins to fill. This ultimately means that you can merge with the avatar and turn into the avatar’s vessel, which helps you to unleash far, far stronger particular assaults. That, in brief, is the essential circulation. Construct up one cost and use that to unleash highly effective assaults, then construct up the opposite to enter your “merged” state and actually go nuts on the enemies. Additionally, merging with the avatar modifications your character’s look and makes them appear like they’ve changed into a Sith Lord or one thing, and it seems sort of superior.

Reaper Normal Mode


Reaper Merge Mode

So let’s go into specifics, as a result of Yoshi-P introduced up the Reaper on the display and attacked some coaching dummies. You’ll be able to see this within the Twitch VOD at 2:47:11. Sadly, Japanese textual content, so there’s lots of guesswork concerned.

A few of it’s about as anticipated: debuffs, combos, and many others. It seems, a bit equally to Dragoon, as if particular person assaults can combo off into a number of different assaults. Excellently, the Reaper can open up what seems to principally be a rip in actuality and use it to get away from enemies. First thought is that it’s much like Leylines: you immediately transfer away and depart a tear the place you had been, and might then warp again to that tear. This additionally seems to combo into different actions, so even that’s going to present you choices. As with Leylines, it’s not a focused capacity linked to an enemy — it’s extra a regular “transfer immediately in a course” capacity, which simply leaves a gate again at your beginning place.

It additionally seems as if, except for the gauges, sure assaults construct up stacks. A number of huge trying red-colored assaults drained the Soul Gauge however gave Yoshida-san a stacking buff, which may then be used to make use of assaults that I’ll give the technical time period “huge blue flashy issues”, and these boosted the Shroud Gauge. So at a guess, the essential circulation is that you simply do common assaults to construct up the Soul Gauge, you deplete this to achieve stacks, and also you then use these stacks to extend the Shroud Gauge with greater assaults.

The large factor, after all, is merging with the avatar, which you appear to have the ability to do as soon as the Shroud Gauge hits 50. You’ve bought thirty seconds in that mode, plus what look like 5 costs for assaults. Assaults on this mode appear to have a a lot decrease GCD; it seems prefer it’s about 1.5 seconds quite than the usual 2.5, so it truly is a lightning-fast flurry of highly effective assaults, particularly since there are OGCD strikes you may weave in on the identical time.

Reaper Attacks

This was particularly famous within the livestream, too. It’s very high-tempo and there’s a technical facet to it, and it’s not all essentially single-target both. To cite the translator (talking for Yoshida-san): “It’s not like an endurance factor. You don’t construct and construct and construct and construct, and unleash it at one time, but it surely’s fairly quick. I feel the playstyle is kind of completely different […] in comparison with any of the present jobs.” However you’ll want to control your gauges, use them on the proper time, and likewise control directionals. Whereas the bottom combos can work from any course, stuff involving the avatar will apparently have directionals. Count on to be shifting round quick, going by means of your rotations quick, managing your gauges, and connecting your combos collectively by means of among the identical talents.

Like I stated above, my first ideas are… properly, Satan Could Cry. A lot of combo choices at any given time, and you may push issues out at a blazing velocity. “The extra you get your fingers on it and check out it out, I feel it’s one thing that you could grasp, and might attempt to take advantage of out of it,” from the translator, as soon as once more. The implications from among the different issues stated throughout the livestream are that it’s, certainly, meant to be one of many tougher and technical jobs in Closing Fantasy XIV, which would require a while and expertise to profit from. Fingers crossed.

Lastly, if you wish to see the Reaper Restrict Break 3? Nicely, it wasn’t proven on stream, however Yoshida-san talked about that the large assault used on the finish of the benchmark trailer by a sure genocidal Fabio lookalike and strolling Pantene advert is, certainly, the Reaper’s LB3. So, uh, leaping into the air and making a ludicrously big scythe, I assume.

Bodily Ranged DPS

Not a lot to say when it comes to common modifications right here, besides for a similar stuff that’s hit each different job. Parity throughout bodily and magical harm attributes of weapons on the identical merchandise stage, and the modifications to bodily assault potencies. Test the Tank part for a bit extra element on that.

The one further change throughout all three is that, with any buff that mitigates bodily harm, the recast timer has been adjusted to 90 seconds. That apart, these three jobs have principally been up to date in a regular evolution method quite than getting any sweeping modifications, however let’s have a look.

Endwalker Job Changes Physical Ranged DPS


The crew has listened, and the Bard has a number of extra help choices. The Bard will now have a brand new motion obtainable with every of their songs that add a party-wide buff, to successfully improve the ability of the track. Oh, and the bard additionally will get an additional motion after utilizing Apex Arrow.

Wanderer’s Minuet and Battle Voice recast timers have been adjusted to 120 seconds, and “different numerous changes have been made.” So yeah, nothing main right here; the fascinating one is generally the additional motion tied to your songs. (As in case you’re going to do something aside from sit in Limsa taking part in Megalovania. I do know you.)



The Machinist is lastly getting a chainsaw. I repeat: the Machinist, which is principally the FFXIV equal of Edgar from Closing Fantasy VI, lastly has what might be his finest identified transfer. Chain Noticed is a brand new motion, which is “mechanically themed”. I’m undecided what which means, however the Machinist is getting a chainsaw. Additionally, the Automaton Queen is getting a brand new motion, however that’s boring in comparison with chainsaws.

When it comes to the final transforming each job is getting: Reassemble may have two costs, and… that’s about it. The remainder is generally simply new actions, most of which can seemingly change present ones.

I’d like to notice that the Automaton Queen motion is seen within the trailer above, however I didn’t see the Chain Noticed motion in there except it’s not truly a chainsaw and is simply chains, or one thing. In that case, I’m upset. (I’d additionally respect the Machinist getting a hockey masks when utilizing that, however we will’t have all the things.)



Once more, a QoL buff and a few new bits. Weaponskill results like Flourishing Cascade are shared throughout single-target and AoE abilities, which is sweet. Likewise, new actions on utilizing Technical End, Improvisation, and Devilment.

Apparently, that is all within the theme of each making use of completely different buffs to your get together members, and making issues a contact smoother. Some procs needed to be managed throughout single-target vs AoE, and that’s simplified a bit. Apparently. I don’t play Dancer at a excessive stage and I’m undecided if that is smart. A few of that is apparently all the way down to your hotbar switching over to Step actions when doing single-target assaults, and also you’d successfully need to have a second hotbar for AoE. That’s been up to date. Apparently. I’ve performed Dancer sufficient that I suppose I can see the upshot of this (you should utilize one hotbar as an alternative of two), however the specifics elude me proper now.

Oh, and Esprit has been modified for the Dancer: it’ll be assured to construct for themselves regardless, with no randomisation. I… thought it did that anyway everytime you did Commonplace End or Technical End, however once more, I could also be misunderstanding one thing.

Magical Ranged DPS

Onto the magical ranged DPS. As with Feint for the bodily melee varieties, Addle goes to be adjusted. As an alternative of decreasing Intelligence and Thoughts stats, Addle will cut back the goal’s magical and bodily harm as an alternative, with a deal with decreasing magical harm.

Black Mage

Black Mage

First, a QoL replace for the job that refuses to maneuver out of AoEs. Enochian shall be a trait, and shall be utilized mechanically everytime you’re underneath Astral Fireplace or Umbral Ice. This was apparently not a straightforward change to make; it prompted a disparity in participant talent, which is why it was each a difficult determination to make, and why the choice was made. Enochian made issues a bit tougher to know for newer gamers and prompted an enormous disparity in harm. I’d say that simplification is usually a dangerous factor, however on this case, Black Mages are moderately advanced to start with, contemplating you’re making an attempt to time all your spells as it’s. I’m undecided this alteration is especially “huge” for the high-skill gamers, but it surely’ll make the lower-skill Black Mages in your get together a bit more practical. Likewise, there are nonetheless loads of jobs that appear like they’re going to be lots advanced. I level you in direction of the Reaper.

Second, new actions. Beneath “sure circumstances”, swapping between Astral Fireplace and Umbral Ice will make new actions obtainable, one among which is outwardly seems like a a mix spell between hearth and ice. The Black Mage, just like the Samurai, is a pure DPS so it’s just about evolving in the identical method with out big modifications… which is sort of humorous, contemplating this job has a totally completely different rotation each ten ranges.

As for different stuff, the procs utilized for Fireplace IV and Thunder have been prolonged to assist with rotations. You’ll be doing Extra Stuff generally, so the procs will final a bit longer and you may weave different bits in earlier than having to make use of Fireplace IV. Apparently Blizzard II can even have some modifications made to regulate the AoE rotation, too, and Sharpcast may have an additional cost.

Hilariously, the Closing Fantasy XIV crew apparently needed to deliver up Black Mages with the Closing Fantasy Model Committee, which is one thing I’m pleased to be taught exists. Within the Japanese model, the spell tiers aren’t numbered — they’re extra akin to Fireplace, Fira, Firaga, and many others. And which means after some extent they needed to begin making up new suffixes, which has a knock-on impact on the franchise’s naming, so it needs to be mentioned exterior the crew. Including further tiers to those spells is a Huge Factor… so apparently Yoshida-san went with “Excessive Fira” as an alternative, as a result of the considered including suffixes to the model as an entire scared him. I find it irresistible, not least as a result of the Fira/Firaga naming conference is joked about within the English localization at the very least as soon as.

Red Mage

Purple Mage

Purple Mages (or Seesaw Wizards, as I wish to name them) principally get commonplace evolution bits. A brand new motion is out there after Scorch, and Verflare, Verholy, and Scorch shall be modified to AoEs and thus usable in AoE rotations. They’ll additionally get a help capacity within the type of a defensive, party-wide buff — Magic Barrier — that they’ll apply.

Other than new spells, there are many little modifications. Black mana and white mana have been adjusted when it comes to each positive factors and discount, from the sound of it, so that you simply’re not utilizing spell blade abilities on a regular basis, however Manafication ought to fill your mana much more rapidly and offer you a meatier burst part too. Embolden and Manafication will stay at their 120 and 110 recast timers, respectively, and Displacement and Engagement may have their potencies equalised.

Endwalker Job Changes Summoner


Oh no. So, let me put it this manner: the Summoner has been described as just about being a brand new job. There are broad, sweeping modifications throughout the board.

First issues first: no extra harm over time results. Each motion that utilized DoTs has been eliminated. One of many “points” was that the job was just about a DoT caster which had summons as a aspect factor. The reworked Summoner is all in regards to the summons, to the extent that you could truly outright summon Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan, and never simply in Egi kind. Clearly you’re not summoning the complete Primal (it’ll be Ifrit Ruby, Titan Topaz, and Garuda Emerald as an alternative, with their energies in gem stones) however nonetheless, summoning Titan. Bow down, overdweller, certainly. Anyway! This may give the Summoner the aether of that Primal, and can successfully change them into a distinct “mode” with new abilities obtainable.

Earlier than, you’d name Demi-Bahamut! And it’d depart. Then you definitely’d name Phoenix! And it’d depart. And you then’d simply type of sit there casting Break and Bio and stuff whereas ready till you may name Demi-Bahamut once more. Twiddling your thumbs, sighing, and being unhappy. Interested by these halcyon days when you may name Demi-Bahamut. Misplaced loves. Fading reminiscences. A single tear rolling down your cheek. After which you may name it once more!

Endwalker Summoner Titan

Now, you name Demi-Bahamut and… properly, it’ll nonetheless depart, however you’ll acquire elemental properties and might then name Ifrit Ruby, Titan Topaz, and Garuda Emerald in no matter order you want, utilizing their particular person elemental properties and abilities. On depleting these, you may name Phoenix and get your elemental properties again so as to reuse the not-Primals once more. So sure, the Summoner is now truly all in regards to the summons.

You continue to have Resurrection and Physick, although, and also you’re nonetheless a really cellular job with low solid instances and a great variety of instants. So some issues haven’t modified.

This was a sufficiently big shift that, as soon as once more, the stream confirmed off how lots of this labored in-game. You’ll be able to see that for your self by way of the Twitch VOD, at about 3:48:56.


Healers, eventually! I’m happy each as a result of White Mage is my important, and since that is the final set of jobs so we’re almost performed.

First off, all healers will get new actions that apply single-target buffs. Whereas no actual particulars got, these will certainly be on a timer, as a result of I bear in mind the times of casting Stoneskin on each member of the raid one after the other, and I bear in mind why that was eliminated. Excellently, most offensive spell solid instances shall be diminished to 1.5 seconds, which suggests I is usually a Glare Mage even tougher. And eventually, the Restrict Break AoE shall be expanded to 50 yalms, which additionally is smart as a result of that’ll hopefully be broad sufficient that it’ll have an effect on your entire battlefield, so that you gained’t resurrect everyone aside from that one one that was within the nook. These are all principally QoL issues, particularly the solid time: it just about means you don’t need to cancel out of your assault spells to rapidly come out a heal or protect.

There’s additionally a considerably greater change in that, with the addition of Sage, the healers are being divided up into two classes: pure healers (White Mage and Astrologian) and barrier healers (Scholar and Sage).

White Mage

White Mage

Wow, that’s an anemic slide for these Endwalker job modifications. White Mage will get “a functionally and visually distinct restorative discipline motion.” This, I feel, we noticed within the job motion trailer. I bear in mind the White Mage creating one thing that appeared like a flower, which gave the impression to be pulsing out one thing akin to Medica each few seconds.

Additionally, they get the next tier of Holy, and it’ll contribute to Lily technology. Holy spam will proceed apace, searing the corneas of anybody who hasn’t turned down get together spell results, and it’ll contribute to me having the ability to push out Afflatus Distress. I like this.

When it comes to different modifications, Fluid Aura is being eliminated, which is ok as a result of I barely do not forget that was even a spell. If you happen to’re in the identical boat: it sure an enemy in place for six seconds or till they had been hit, and thus was functionally ineffective with the way in which most individuals play. Divine Benison is getting at the very least yet another cost, which I’m additionally a fan of; whereas it’s principally used for mitigating tankbusters, it’s sometimes good to make use of it to guard towards sure different assaults and be sure you’re not at risk of dying when therapeutic the get together after a nasty unavoidable AoE.

So sure, nothing too particular right here: it’s principally simply the White Mage persevering with to White Mage. Not too stunning because it’s one of the crucial commonplace courses, however issues like Afflatus Distress and blood for the Blood Lily had been nice surprises earlier than.



The Astrologian is being skewed tougher in direction of pure healer, which implies that Nocturnal Sect and Diurnal Sect are being eliminated. Your therapeutic actions will, as an alternative, have the identical results they might in case you had been utilizing Diurnal Sect. This is smart, although it’s additionally barely disappointing: whereas Diurnal Sect was “the” one to make use of, it was enjoyable messing with Nocturnal now and again. Obstacles aren’t gone fully from the Astrologian package, although. That stated, Impartial Sect will nonetheless allow you to use a number of barrier actions, and from what I may infer it may be obtainable a bit earlier and probably have some buffs. (This does make me marvel how the Astrologian job quests shall be modified, although, contemplating lots of them had been very particular about utilizing specific Sects.)

Divination can also be being adjusted. It seems prefer it’ll be a flat buff to the get together no matter which seals you’ve gotten — the seals used for Divination will give the Astrologian themselves some buffs and enhancements. Persevering with with the theme of fidgeting with the seals, Redraw will now not be a cost motion, however as an alternative you should utilize it as soon as each time you draw it. Minor Arcana can even be modified, although there weren’t many specifics for that.

Astrologians can even be getting a brand new AoE spell that has a therapeutic functionality in addition to an offensive component. Initially, my mind went “Isn’t that Earthly Star?” but it surely looks as if that is extra to be an equal to the White Mage’s Holy. The specifics will differ (Holy stuns enemies quite than therapeutic allies) but it surely appears as if all healers shall be getting one thing of the kind. I think this can change Gravity, however we’ll see.

This, apparently, was fairly the controversy. Did the crew wish to add stun to the Astrologian capacity, or take away it from Holy? Would it not homogenize issues an excessive amount of if stun was added to all of those new AoEs? In the long run, every job has its personal traits, and that’ll apply to those new AoEs too. Sort of equal to Holy, however with some particular person nuance.



Onto the barrier healers. The Scholar isn’t getting the heavy modifications that the Summoner is, however it’s getting shifts in direction of being extra of a barrier healer. Principally minor changes from the sound of it, although — together with the pet behaviours.

The one level that was highlighted within the presentation was that the Scholar shall be getting a novel job motion that will increase the get together’s motion velocity, even throughout fight.  It’s akin to Dash: for a short interval, the get together’s motion velocity shall be boosted, however this gained’t stack with Dash.

Scholar will apparently even be getting a “pretty highly effective” enhancement that may be focused at a single get together member. Confusingly, the earlier motion velocity motion is outwardly “like a fringe advantage of the motion itself”; it’s meant to be a harm mitigation buff that applies in an space. Goal one individual with harm mitigation, and everybody else will get the equal of Dash, possibly? Wanting ahead to seeing how this works.

So sure, not too many sweeping modifications right here.

Endwalker Sage


Lastly, the Sage. The brand new healer who has lasers, and principally ensures that tanks are going to be those with on the spot queues when Endwalker launches.

The distinctive factor in regards to the Sage is that the job truly heals and damages on the identical time, which is named Cardia. (I can’t make sure on the spellings, however this and some different talents appear to be primarily based on medical phrases, so I’m guessing it’s about proper.) You designate a celebration member, and as you’re attacking an enemy, you’re concurrently therapeutic that get together member. I can’t think about this’ll fully forestall you from having to enter full-on therapeutic mode sometimes and focus your sources on simply maintaining somebody alive, however for moment-to-moment play it seems such as you’ll be capable of assault and that’ll truly hold your get together’s Samurai important tank alive. I’m questioning if it’s going to be a bizarre type of lifesteal, the place a share of the harm you inflict goes to the designated get together member, or if it’s simply going to be a capability with a base assault Efficiency and therapeutic Efficiency.

One other distinctive factor, which we’ll speak about beneath once we get into the gameplay, is that the Sage has a sort of further stance that turns its assaults into DoTs.

The Sage has a useful resource — and once more, spelling, right here — referred to as the Adder’s Gall which builds up over time and allows you to carry out on the spot barrier heals, and has Icarus as a motion motion that principally makes them jet in a course. It’s positioned, apparently, as a “technical barrier healer”.

Apparently, it’s advanced sufficient that explaining it’s tough whilst gameplay is being proven, however that didn’t cease Yoshida-san. Gameplay footage begins on the Twitch VOD at 4:18:42.

Sage Combat Stance

Regardless of being in Japanese, I used to be in a position to discern a little extra from these, although it’s admittedly not essentially the most helpful data. Cardia — the flexibility that designates the get together member for therapeutic — is a fundamental capacity of the category which shall be in full operation even in case you queue into Sastasha, and has a reasonably brief recast time of 5 seconds. For essentially the most half you’ll seemingly wish to hold it on the primary tank, however this at the very least offers you the choice of rapidly switching it out for a brief interval. And sure, you may self-target it.

Utilizing what I’m guessing was a reasonably fundamental assault that shot 4 large lasers with a pleasant rising “bweeeEEEE” sound, Yoshida-san was inflicting round 7400 harm and therapeutic for 2900. As beforehand talked about, numbers are squished so that may appear a bit low (and all the things’s nonetheless being tuned), however for comparability, the extent 90 Sage had a well being pool of 40,717. In the meantime, my Shadowbringers stage 80 White Mage has a well being pool of about 110,000, a Treatment II heals about 35,000, and Regen ticks for about 11,000. Once more, these are the present numbers; they’ll be a lot decrease as soon as Endwalker hits.

It’s going to be comparatively small however constant therapeutic, in brief, however no match for a devoted heal spell. I’m horrible at maths, however evaluating it percentage-wise to the un-squished White Mage above, it looks as if it’s extra equal to a Regen impact that ticks everytime you assault. That assault itself was fairly highly effective, although, and was comparatively equal to among the numbers popping out from the Reaper’s fundamental assault abilities. Simply, y’know, quite a bit slower, and with a solid time.

Sage Lasers

As for the attack-turned-DoT capacity, that’s associated to Eucrasia (spelling, once more, although that’s a medicinal time period for being in good well being). When you solid Eucrasia, it truly modifications your abilities into different abilities. Saves hotbar house, at the very least. At a look, it modifications three abilities, and has principally no recast time. As such it’s just about a stance change that’s consumed on use, however which will be reused instantly. It seems like this isn’t only for DoTs, although. If I noticed issues accurately, a kind of abilities modified from a dangerous laser blast right into a DoT utility; one modified from a single-target heal right into a barrier, and one modified from an AoE heal into what appeared like an AoE barrier utility.

Additionally: I’m truly pleased in regards to the Icarus hole nearer. I don’t know if this can be utilized on allies or simply enemies, however both method, something that provides me an additional probability to meet up with a Sprinting tank who’s pulling a dungeon wall-to-wall is way appreciated.

I’m undecided how completely different the Sage is actually going to be — like I stated, the heal-on-attack factor gave the impression to be akin to a distinct type of Regen — however there’s solely a lot you may differentiate “make the well being go up”. The Eucrasia mechanic seems neat and I’m actually eager to get my fingers on this for myself, although; I can see myself doing a little enjoyable keyboard dancing to modify by means of all the things.

Great Serpent Massage Stick

In closing

And that’s your lot, for now, but it surely feels like we’ll be listening to extra within the coming weeks.

There was extra stuff within the Reside Letter, after all. There’s new merch, starting from Reaper and Sage job pins and standees as much as a Y’shtola Dollfie that I’m solely barely ashamed to confess that I really need. Additionally, a Nice Serpent of Ronka therapeutic massage stick. The Dragon Quest crossover occasion shall be coming again in direction of the top of October, too, and there are many extra minor QoL modifications to issues like teleportation. However! For essentially the most half this Reside Letter was all in regards to the job actions.

The following Reside Letter is approaching November fifth at 7pm PDT, and that’ll be specializing in “crafting & gathering, system-related changes, and the brand new PvP.” I’m praying I don’t have to put in writing a monolith like this when that occurs.

Closing Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is due out on November twenty third, with Early Entry starting on November nineteenth.

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