Doom II Mod Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony Releases After Six Years of Work


A newly launched mod for Doom II has lastly launched after an extended interval of improvement. Titled Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony, this WWII mod brings gamers gameplay themed after late 90’s/early 2000’s shooters after six years of improvement.

The mod, which may be performed standalone with the GZDoom engine, takes place in 1942, when the U.S has joined the Allies and the Soviets are pushing again the Nazi’s try at claiming the USSR. With victory seeming extra unlikely, the Nazis flip to human experimentation and occult artifacts to hunt the sting they desperately want. Traditional Wolfenstein protagonist William “B.J.” Blazkowicz has retired from lively responsibility to turn into a programs analyst, however an encrypted message from previous pal Cpt. Douglas Blake calls him again into the road of responsibility for one final mission.

Blade of Agony, which takes place over 30 phases in 3 chapters, is the staff’s inventive imaginative and prescient on what a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D would seem like. They’ve labored onerous so as to make an expertise that old-school first-person shooter followers will love, whether or not it is the gameplay itself or the retro aesthetic that mixes low-poly fashions and high-resolution sprites. Nevertheless, it additionally makes use of extra fashionable graphical enhancements and results, similar to movement/impact blurs, to make this retro expertise look extra-fancy. Eagle-eyed gamers may also unlock a wide range of hidden phases, together with one which makes use of enemies from the old-school Commander Eager video games!

Doom II is offered to obtain on Steam, however you solely want the GZDoom engine to play the mod. Blade of Agony may be downloaded free of charge on Mod DB or its official web site.

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