Construct an cute micro photo voltaic system for a hungry solar in Heliopedia


As my poor creatures have quickly found, being cute will not cease you from the hazards of quickly escalating carbon dioxide ranges in cutesy photo voltaic sandbox Heliopedia.

The newest brief recreation from Dutch indie collective Sokpop, Heliopedia is a surprisingly dense toy photo voltaic system. After waking up the solar and feeding them sufficient house gunk for them to barf up a planet, you are tasked with turning a dull hunk of rock right into a thriving ecosystem. 

You will be scouring ice, oxygen and coal from asteroid belts to kick issues off, forming an environment and making the soil fertile sufficient for all times. Each new discovery awards you with stars to unlock new objects from the solar, together with the important seeds and eggs wanted to kickstart life.

(Picture credit score: Sokpop)

Regardless of the sport’s usually delicate Sokpop appearances, managing a whole world is tough. Each factor interacts with one another, timber and crops drawing carbon out of the environment, rain sprouting seeds. A full atmospheric system dangers drowning your world in CO2, and unstable planetary cores might even see frequent volcanic eruptions.

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