Automata Trivia Quiz You may Ever Take


The desert in NieR: Automata was the place the dominion of Facade was. True or false?

What number of endings are there within the sport?

Which of those philosophers just isn’t referenced in NieR: Automata?

What number of recognized suitors does the machine lifeform named Sartre have within the sport?

Which of those just isn’t a recognized machine lifeform NPC within the sport?

When A2’s squad started their assault on the machines, No. 16 stayed behind to carry off enemies so her comrades may get to security. What’s the title of the situation she stayed behind in?

What number of androids have been in A2’s squad throughout their assault?

Throughout 2B’s preliminary descent to Earth and the Deserted Manufacturing facility, one of many members in her squad had plans to pretend her dying and defect. Who was this member?

A2’s character knowledge was used as a core for which YoRHa android sort?

What’s the title of the illness that destroyed humanity within the first place?

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