5 Questions We Nonetheless Have After Re:Zero Season 2’s Finale


With the mud having settled from Re:Zero’s second season, it’s protected to say the sequence has moved ahead in some huge methods. Huge reveals have been made, and Subaru has inched nearer to uncovering the reality behind the circumstances surrounding his new and fantastical life. Not each plotline has been tied up although, leading to these 5 questions we nonetheless have after Re:Zero Season 2’s finale.

Spoiler Warning: The next goes into heavy element concerning the plot of the primary and second seasons of Re:Zero. If you wish to keep away from these spoilers, we advocate you don’t learn any additional.

What Is the Witch of Envy’s Purpose?

Re:Zero Season 2 Questions

Re:Zero Season 2 gave us our first actual glimpse at who Satella, the Witch of Envy, actually is.

Although simply as warped as the opposite witches, she does legitimately look after Subaru. The Return from Loss of life capability she granted to him was meant to maintain him protected, and to permit him to outlive the hazards he would encounter in her world.

She additionally tells him in his assembly with each Witch that she hopes it is going to make him take into consideration himself extra, and to care about himself the identical approach he does about others. On the similar time, although, she does appear extremely hostile towards anybody apart from him. In a single timeline, she went as far as to kill all of the residents of the Sanctuary, solely sparing Subaru for causes unknown.

This raises one main query: What does Satella really need? Is she defending Subaru for a selected cause, or was he merely the primary individual she may come up with to be able to obtain a bigger objective? Does her resemblance to Emilia run deeper than easy likelihood, and tie into why she cares for him a lot?

Even after the credit rolled on Season 2, this was left unclear, so hopefully Season 3 can provide some perception every time it airs.

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